Do you know couples who seem like they have it all figured out?

Don’t they look like their relationships are absolutely perfect? – 2 months ago on April 17th 2020

Well, it’s all one tremendous misunderstanding.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect relationship’. No one in this world has it all figured out. Even when two people seem to perfectly complete each other, this doesn’t mean they aren’t facing challenges in their relationship. While their bond might look unbreakable, they still go through many disagreements and quarrels on the way.

But there is something that these so-called perfect couples are better at.

Whenever they are having an argument, they are able to sit down and talk through their problems.

Unfortunately, not many couples have mastered this ability. But the ones who have are truly powerful. They are powerful because they have realized that in order to keep their relationship wholesome and long-lasting, they need to grow together. And this growth isn’t a destination, but a whole adventurous journey.

Moreover, instead of giving up whenever things get rough, these power-couples always have each other’s backs and go through all the difficulties together. Instead of selfishly running away from the relationship when it gets messy, they stick to one another and give each other the strength they need to overcome every challenge life brings them. When people love each other they are willing to do anything they can to fix what’s broken and grow even stronger from it.

If you don’t feel motivated to make your relationship work when an issue occurs, then maybe you’re not with the right person for you. The right one will always make you believe you can do anything, as long as you’re together. They will always encourage you to do better and to chase your goals no matter what. And you would do the same for them because that’s what makes a couple powerful. The unconditional support, the unquestionable love, and the undeniable trust between two people are the things that make a relationship thriving.

While perfect relationships don’t exist, growing relationships do.

They are perfectly imperfect on every level possible. And that’s the most amazing thing anyone could ever ask for: To have someone by your side, who would root for you, grow with you, cry with you, and love you with all of your flaws and insecurities. Someone who would see through the wide smile, find the pain hiding underneath, and help you get through it. The one who would gladly hold your hand, and who would be proud to spend this wild journey, called life, alongside you.

Perfect couples may not be real, but true love definitely is.

And while many people believe it’s just a myth or a hollow fairytale, some have been lucky enough to find it. If you are one of the lucky ones, make sure you never take this for granted.

Maybe someone doesn’t want to hear this, but relationships that last require incredible devotion and tons of hard work. They involve a lot of forgiveness, compromises, and affirmation. Your partner isn’t a perfect human being, simply because there is no such thing in this world. They will hurt you, and you will hurt them. But if the love you have for each other is real, then you’ll be willing to face any challenge life brings you. And this is what will make your relationship ‘perfect’.

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