Orchestrators: Rare Movers & Shakers​ — From The Wise Old Sage Commentaries Mastery Often Provokes Sabotage by The Least Capable As Orchestrators, our unity between thoughts and actions instills integrity of purpose conveying fortitude. Our presence alone challenges the status quo because others feel the raw power of our being. Less masterful individuals may feel …

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— From The Wise Old Sage Commentaries Independence Hides Our Desire For Synchronization Implementers are the personal one on one expression of action to establish order. We can be recognized for our tenacity, toughness and strength, particularly in the face of adversity. We want things to be productive and efficient without having to tell anyone what …

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Compassionates: Loving Wisdom Compassionates Primaries are plentiful in the world, particularly those now under 21 years old, which are almost 40% of the younger population. They reflect a sea change in values, the power of reflection and political issues are now being taken up in mass. The biggest targets are Global Warming, all forms of …

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