Obstacles To Conscious Action (Part 3 of 3): The Mechanism Of Action Discontent

Obstacles to Conscious Action(Part 3 of 3) The Mechanism of Action Discontent Why We Cannot Act Cleanly Non-effective actions are always efforts where we squeeze, crush or wiggle our way to shape the options of actions. In other parts of this program, we describe the cost of Parental Imprinting, Defenses, and Pretenses. Each of these …

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Obstacles To Conscious Action (Part 1 of 3)

Obstacles To Conscious Action(Part 1 of 3) How To Align Our Actions With Others To Embrace Effortless Interactions Conscious actions require an uncompromised intent. In Higher Alignment, we discuss each type of motive and the degree of consciousness that reflects what is behind any action. Only Intuitive Motives are fully conscious and equal exchanges that …

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