Learning To Choose (6)

Learning To Choose Love — From The Wise Old Sage Commentaries Love Is A Commitment To Creative Response We choose love by knowing ourselves, seeing clearly the similarities and differences of others, and realizing that we have a unique creative contribution to make. Love is a self-learning opportunity where we develop an appreciation of our creative …

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Choosing Love Is Creative Self-Healing

Choosing Love Is Creative Self-Healing — From The Wise Old Sage Commentaries Co-Creative Partnerships Loving others is a choice. It comes after careful consideration of our strengths and weaknesses, so there are no surprises. It comes after knowing that we can be co-creative and work effectively as teammates. It is not a possessive, defensive or …

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Excitement and Attachment Blues (2)

Excitement & Attachment Blues   — From The Wise Old Sage Commentaries Unconscious Entanglements – Instinctive Level It is so easy to engage in these instinctive relationships. Placing all your attention on the potential partner can prompt a response, ‘Oh, this person likes me’ What you need to do then is get them to want …

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Creativity : The Source of Love


Creativity,The Source ofLove — From The Wise Old Sage Commentaries.  Creativity is Humanities Greatest Tool for Redemption Creativity is a mystery for most. We seldom realize that there are seven creative expressions because each one of us is a combination of three. In effect, this generates 343 permutations (7 x 7 x 7) of creative …

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Anxiety & Comparison Blues

Anxiety & Comparison Blues When we seek ideals and they do not match our reality, it creates anxiety. This leads to a need to prove our self-importance by showing we are better. Idealization leads to comparisons where we fall in love with those who convince us of their goodness. — From The Wise Old Sage …

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